T2 Building

Taylor Square South Darlinghurst Australia


Rennie's 'Always was, always will be' explores what it means to be an urban Aboriginal in contemporary Australian society. Rennie aims to bring this representation into a very public forum, a unique space that due to its diurnal patterns, allows it to be seen by a broad range of people. His work uses geometric diamonds, referencing his associations to North-Western New South Wales and the traditional markings of the Kamilaroi people. 'Always was, always will be' uses the contemporary mediums of spray paint and stencils applied to 1 to 5 Flinders Street, a former Commercial Bank, built 1910. Across the front of the building façade, neon text (Always was, always will be) is incorporated into the geometric diamonds. In this urban context the meaning is clear - this was Gadigal country and always will be Gadigal.