Albert Facey Heritage Trail


Anyone who has read Albert Facey’s autobiography ‘A Fortunate Life’ will be fascinated by the Albert Facey Heritage Trail. Allow at least half a day to complete the 80 kilometre self-drive trail in and around the wheat belt town of Wickepin. Take some time to explore the Albert Facey Homestead, and see where Facey spent much of his life, before travelling on to see the Wickepin Boarding House and the Wickepin Hotel. Drive past the various farms where Facey worked including the Miekles, the Phillips, the Morans and the Bibbys farm. The trail also gives an insight into some of the general history of the area visiting Tarling Well, Tarling Hall and the Inkiepinkie School. If you haven’t read Facey’s book, a visit to his homeland will encourage you to do so! If you have read it, the heritage trail will help to bring to life Facey’s fascinating story and give a real appreciation of the harsh life on the wheatbelt around the turn of the century. The town of Wickepin is located three hours drive southeast of Perth.