Taste Bud Tours

Tourist Bus Stand 450 Wellington Street (next to the Horseshoe Bridge) Perth Australia


Taste Bud Tours specialise in Speed Grazing, visiting 10 of the region's most delicious locations and enjoying 25 or more different tasting experiences in a half-day tour. Small personalised groups of 6 to 16 guests explore the multi-awarded Food and Wine Trail of the Swan Valley - Perth's Valley of Taste. Taste exotic coffees from around the world, iced coffee and chai latte. Sample oven-fresh lavender infused scones, jam, cream and refreshing tea, and unique lavender wine. Sample local honey, chocolate, nougat, ice-cream, olives, oils, cheeses, roasted nuts, and fresh seasonal local produce. Tours also provide an opportunity to sample premium still and fortified wines and award-winning beers, ginger beer and cider. You'll also enjoy an insight into the history and culture of this remarkable region, and a rare opportunity to meet the people behind the labels. Special morning treats include Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery to taste genuine Australian bush tucker foods, and weekends visit Edgecombe Bros to sample seasonal fresh produce like asparagus from the patch, and grapes from the vines. Visit Taylors Art & Coffee House to meet resident artist Jude Taylor and sample the region's "Humane Food".