Angourie Beach


Angourie Point holds a special place in the big beating heart of Australian surfing. A small, steep sandy bay curves around to a boulder-lined right hand point break. To the north – an imposing rock shelf extends 150 metres to link with Spookys. This rock shelf is called “Life or Death” – which refers to the dramatic circumstances a surfer can find themselves in if overpowered by the Angourie line up, or if they’ve caught a wave too far across the bay. Angourie Point is not a swimming beach – the rocky bathymetry isn’t great for wading in and out – Spooky Beach to the north or Back Beach around the corner are easier options, but it’s worth checking Angourie out, just to watch the waves fan in like something out of a ‘70s surf movie. There’s cold water, open-air showers available in the often busy carpark. A walk out to Angourie’s grassy headland is a beautiful thing – this marks a Clarence Valley junction of sorts – visible to the north sit Yamba’s sprinkling of lights and rooftops; but to the south, a series of headlands recede into the mist, beckoning the visitor to wonder what treasures lie beyond.