Albany Residency Museum

Residency Drive Albany Australia


A visit to the Albany Residency Museum will be sure to captivate anyone with an interest in the history of Western Australia. Trace the history of the picturesque town of Albany which was home to the first European settlers in Western Australia. The museum has a range of engaging displays to help you to learn about the regions Aboriginal culture and the origins of Albany’s extraordinary natural attractions including the Gap and The Natural Bridge. The museum sits on a significantly historical site at Point Frederick where the first European settlers in Western Australia arrived on the Brig Amity in 1826. The beautifully restored 1856 house was initially built as part of the depot for hiring convicts and later became a home for government residents. Visit the Brig Amity replica to learn more about the first settlers and the harsh journey endured. Then explore the grand old buildings throughout the town including the Albany Town Hall. Allow several days to explore the historic coastal town of Albany which is located four and a half hours drive south of Perth.