A Maze'N Things

1805 Phillip Island Road Cowes Australia


A Maze’N Things is a unique, award-winning theme park located on Phillip Island. It is a magical world of illusions, puzzles, mazes, magic and mini golf that provides hours of fun. Families, school groups, social groups and couples young and old have spent hours challenging their minds, exploring Puzzle Island, wandering through kilometres of maze and swinging putters on our Maxi Golf course. A Maze'N Things has an exciting new attraction, Magic Manor. This has amazing interactive magic displays, astounding illusions, mysterious caves, magic rabbits, a time machine, scare rooms, treasures, flying chandeliers and lots more. It will make you wonder, make you smile, surprise and astonish you. Phillip Island SkyTrail is a ten-metre high adventure ropes course set on a zig-zagging series of giant poles and platforms. It gives the very adventurous an exciting activity but still offers those who are a little more reserved a chance to challenge their fears and get a healthy shot of adrenaline in complete safety. Puzzle Café serves a variety of light lunches, snacks and great coffees. There is a fantastic selection of brain teasers and puzzles in the Café that guests can use whilst enjoying their snack.