Old Town Site


The Old Town Site of Onslow offers an insight into the lives of the early pioneers of the area. Wander around the ruins which have been recently restored and read the informative plaques to learn the history of each site. See the stone buildings that were once the police station, gaol, post office and hospital. Then make a visit to the cemetery to see gravestones of the pioneers which are still remarkably intact. Originally established in 1885 during the gold rush, the old town later acted as a port town for pearling luggers following the discovery of pearls nearby. By 1925 the Ashburton River mouth had silted up causing access problems for the ships. As a result the town was moved fifteen minutes up the road. Before travelling out to the Old Town Site, stop at the Onslow Visitors Centre. It was one of the original buildings of the old town which was later moved to its current location. It houses interesting memorabilia and artefacts from the original town site. The town of Onslow is three and a half hours drive from Exmouth. Exmouth is a two hour flight north of Perth.