St Matthews Church

Stirling Square Off Meadow Street Guildford Australia


The intriguing brick work and picturesque grounds surrounding St Matthews Church draws many visitors to the historic town of Guildford. The church now standing in Stirling Square was built in 1873, after its predecessor was destroyed in a hurricane. Wander around the exterior of the large church and examine the bricks that were laid alternately lengthwise and pointing inwards to reinforce the structure. This was the third attempt at building the church, and great care was taken to construct a sturdy building that would stand the test of time. Explore the magnificently kept grounds of St Matthews which is extremely popular for weddings. St Matthews features on the Historic Walk of Guildford which encompasses 22 significant sites and historical buildings. Collect a brochure about the walk from the Guildford and Swan Valley Tourist Information Centre. Initially established as the rural centre of the Swan River colony, Guildford is rich in history and has played a significant role in shaping Western Australia. Just 20 minutes drive east of Perth the historic town is also the gateway to the Swan Valley wine region.