Public Art Sculpture - The Cutter Canberra

Jetty Road Wallaroo Australia



'The Cutter Canberra' interpretive sculpture stands proudly on a hillside over looking the sea. The fishing boat called the Canberra was donated to Kangaroo Island sculptor Indiana James by well-known South Australian fishing identity Michael Angelakis who's family originally owned the boat. Indiana conferred with arts colleague Margie Davies of Wallaroo about creating 'something' from the remains. The idea of creating a boat sculpture were taken to the Wallaroo Town Development Association's Working Group which led to an outstanding community development project. The name 'Canberra' was chosen by the Angelakis family symbolising their migration to Australia as Greek migrants and to honour their new home. Historically the sculpture symbolises the many migrants who moved to Australia. Today it relates to the thriving fishing industry, the farming industries where grain ships dock at Wallaroo and also symbolises the recreational fishers and yachts men and women who sail out of Wallaroo.