Wireless Hill Park

McCallum Crescent Perth Australia


Take in one of Perth’s best city views and wildflower hotspots at Wireless Hill Park. Delve into Aboriginal history and discover the communication station’s pivotal role in WW1 and WW2. The park is just 15 kilometres south of Perth’s Central Business District, off Canning Highway. You can drive directly to the top of the hill, where a breathtaking panorama of the city and Swan River awaits, or enjoy a leisurely walk on the many paths that crisscross the park. There’s 38 hectares of Banksia and eucalypt bushland to explore and, in spring, you’ll find vibrant blooms of native wildflowers throughout the park, including many striking varieties of orchids. For thousands of years, this hill had been used by the local Noongar Aboriginal people as a lookout and smoke-signalling location. It later developed into one of Australia’s first radio technology centres in 1912. The former Applecross Wireless Station now houses the Wireless Hill Museum, which shares the site’s fascinating stories, including its pivotal wartime and maritime roles, and its involvement with NASA. Climb the old radio mast anchors for even better views over the city and surrounds, and enjoy the excellent picnic, barbecue and playground facilities.