Wheelhouse Apartments


Wheelhouse Apartments; contemporary with unsurpassed views over Macquarie Harbour at Strahan, on Tasmania's west coast. A clever design assures that the dramatic cliff-top vistas aren't just seen but are experienced as the physically thrilling centrepiece of the building itself. The lounge-rooms are cantilevered towards the cliff-top on elevated steel girders. At the front, huge glass windows lean outward at the top, giving the sense of being able to step right up to the cliff's edge, above the immense waterway. The two self-contained units took over three years to build. The resulting attention to detail and fully realised aesthetic make Wheelhouse Apartments a unique property. The idea was to create sense of standing on the bridge of a huge ship, as though the apartments hovered high above the harbour itself. The maritime feel is subtly accentuated by polished timber floors, even pitch-caulking in places, uncluttered space, stanchion wire hand-rails and exterior cladding of open-sky blue. The upstairs bedrooms have spas with more of the incredible views. Downstairs, kitchen serving-windows open onto sun decks and barbecues are provided. Local timbers are featured, including myrtle, celery top and huon pine. Air-conditioning, off-street parking, wheelchair access, and continental breakfast are provided.