Wellington Dam Experience

Wellington Dam Road (25 kilometres east of) Collie Australia


The Wellington Dam Experience offers a range of attractions. Located near Collie in the southwest, the dam will enthral you with its history, beautiful drives, stunning views and the Living Windows display. A number of informative displays allow you to learn about the dam's construction history and heritage; it is also worth taking one of the picturesque walk trails around the dam and through the surrounding Jarrah forest. The trails offer spectacular views of the Dam. Make sure you stop off at the Water Corporation's Dam Lookout which offers a view over the dam wall and into Collie River Gorge. Fishing is a popular recreational activity at the dam, with catches of Redfin Perch, Rainbow Trout and Marron in season. It is imperative that you have a recreational fishing license which can be purchased from your local post office. A stop at the dam's cafe is recommended as you may be joined by a number of beautiful birds including Blue Wrens, Rosellas and Robin Red Breasts. Camping is available at Wellington Dam, which is just a three hour drive south of Perth. Camping in Western Australia's natural areas is a special experience.