Vigars Well picnic area


Icompass, or a GPS. It’s been over 15,000 years since the Willandra Lakes World Heritage region held water, so Vigars Well picnic area is a welcome oasis in the dramatic desert landscape of today. This historic picnic spot, on then Mungo Self-guided Drive tour in Mungo National Park, features panoramic desert views that hum with life. Harking back to its watery origins, the well is based on a natural soak and a haven for local wildlife. You’ll see a mosaic of wildlife tracks in the sand that belong to creatures like the common dunnart. Keep an eye out for vibrant pink cockatoos and ring-neck parrots. Unpack a picnic hamper at the nearby tables and soak up the vast scenic landscape under huge skies. It’s a short walk to magnificent views of the iconic lunette walls. If you’re tempted to stay for the spectacular sunset and don’t mind a bit of walking, why not pitch your tent at Belah campground for an unforgettable night under the stars.