Trilby Station

Trilby Station Louth via Bourke Bourke Australia


Trilby Station, a vast 320,000 acre merino sheep and goat station, is situated on the banks of the Darling River in Outback New South Wales, near the village of Louth on the Darling River Run Adventure Trail. It is part of historic Dunlop - the first ever station to complete a mechanical shearing in 1888. They have abundant wildlife, nature trails, bird watching, fishing, yabbying, canoeing and excellent mud maps for self exploration of the station. Visit their open air museum of early settler's farm machinery, steam engines and just enjoy pottering around this vast station. Comfortable accommodation is offered in the fully renovated Stockman's Cottages and the new Shearer's Bunkhouse, and delicious country style meals are available on request. Trilby also offers powered caravan sites and secluded river campsites. Your friendly hosts and the picturesque Australian landscape make this a unique experience. Telstra Next G mobile coverage.