Tip to Tail Trail


Go mountain biking or horseriding on Tip to Tail trail and discover Wallingat National Park on an extended ride through the park. This easy trail takes you on a beautiful journey along the network of public roads and management trails throughout the park. Ride across undulating topography, through a diverse range of forest types and enjoy scenic views along the way as you look over steep gullies and across to distant ridges. You’ll also pass some of Wallingat’s most-visited attractions. The views from Whoota Whoota lookout are breathtaking so taking a moment to stop here is a must. Look over vast stretches of eucalypt forest in one direction or gaze across the impressive expanse of Wallis Lake and the rugged coastline in the other direction. Why not pack a picnic and enjoy a moments rest from the lookout or stop further down the trail at Sugar Creek picnic area for a break.