The Towers


The Towers is a 100 metre stretch of the north-east face of The Rock, open to rock sports and also popular with photographers and birdwatchers who want to view peregrine falcons. The Towers, right near The Rock picnic area, offer a thrilling conquest for rock climbers, abseilers, orienteering groups and photographers alike. Located in The Rock Nature Reserve, the north-east cliff face of The Rock, is a challenge to anybody with experience and the necessary equipment. Peregrine falcons use The Towers as a nesting sight, offering birdwatchers close-up views of these magnificent creatures. Keep an eye out for peregrines on the cliff and observe their telltale whitewash streaks below their perches. To reach The Towers, follow a 670 metre narrow walking trail opposite the picnic shelter and look for the register book. The best time to climb is between January and the end of June. Photographers will love the remarkable view over the surrounding countryside.