The Four Aces


The Four Aces are four magnificent Karri trees that stand proudly in a line, imposingly within the Karri Forest, 20 minutes from Manjimup. Standing at the base and looking up at the 400 year old giants that stand 75 meters tall offers a remarkable view and memorable experience. A detailed information shelter next to the trees provides an extensive history of the trees and has some incredible statistics. Vist the nearby One Tree Bride adnn Glenoran Pool recreation sites. Both sites have picnic facilities, a toilet and stunning views right on the banks of the Donnelly River. A walk-trail links Four Aces, One Tree Bridge and Glenoran Pool. Located three and a half hours south of Perth, the drive through the forests of Manjimup is breathtaking. Make sure you keep an eye out for the tree towers that were created in the 1930s to help detect forest fires and can be found scattered throughout the forests.