Starlights Trail


Starlights trail is part of the greater trail network between Mittagong and Katoomba, where you can walk for up to seven days in complete, untouched wilderness. A favourite bushwalker's hike, this walk runs through Nattai National Park and into Nattai Wilderness, with astonishing views of Nattai River and its surrounding cliffs. Along the way, you’ll enjoy majestic views from Ahearn lookout of cliffs and bluffs. Walkers travelling south of Emmetts Flat can also see glimpses of the towering Russell's needle sandstone spur and Mount Jellore. Many eucalyptus trees will line your path, as well as pockets of blue-leaved stringybark forest and, on Nattai River, majestic stands of Nattai Sandstone River peppermint forest.