Roebourne Old Gaol Museum

Queen Street Roebourne Australia


Make the Roebourne Old Gaol Museum your first stop in Roebourne, wander about the fascinating museum, pick up some tourist information and look at the collection of local arts and crafts on sale. The large octagon shaped building contains four wings each of which housed up to 40 prisoners. Booklets on the history of the Old Gaol can be obtained from the Visitor Centre which is housed within the Gaol. The Old Gaol was built with local stone that was quarried with the assistance of Aboriginal labour and stands as a harsh reminder of our colonial past. Learn about the history of Roebourne and how it was once an important administrative centre. Visit Roebourne’s other historic buildings including the Holy Trinity Church, Union Bank, Victoria Hotel, Post Office, Hospital, and the Court House. Take the Emma Withnell Historical Trail, a 52 kilometre driving and walk route that starts at Roebourne and takes in Cossack, Wickham and Point Samson. The Gaol is the starting point for the trail, which will give you a good feel for the past history of the region. Roebourne is a half hour drive east of Karratha.