Riversdale Colonial Homestead and Gardens


Riversdale is a unique National Trust NSW property built as a coaching inn and residence in the 1840s, lovingly maintained to offer a rare glimpse into colonial life on the Southern Highlands. Located in Goulburn, New South Wales, just over an hour from Canberra and two hours from Sydney, it stands within its original paddocks and out buildings that date back to at least 1832. Riversdale is recognised as a fine, historically significant example of a single-storey Colonial Georgian double-winged cottage, surrounded by splendid flowering gardens and towering mid-century tree plantings that cover over four acres. Riversdale is also renowned for its collection of fine Australian Colonial furniture, arts and craft – much of it provenanced to former residents the Twynam family, and offers extensive displays throughout its rooms . Riversdale provides a wonderful historic experience for all travellers. Tours are available of the house museum and gardens, which also host a National Trust gift shop, plant nursery and monthly major events such as Devonshire Tea Sundays, garden and heritage days.