Richmond Range National Park


Richmond Range National Park offers rainforest walks, tranquil campgrounds, and scenic views along horse trails, near Kyogle, in northern New South Wales. You'll find an abundance of diverse landscapes and wildlife nestled among the host of forests within Richmond Range National Park. A well-maintained scenic drive snakes along the crest of Richmond Range, enjoying striking views between Mallanganee in the south and Mount Brown to the north. Walks through world heritage rainforest are equally rewarding, and lookouts will offer you scenic views across Richmond River valley. The park is also a protective habitat for the medley of animals and birds that live among the lush fertile plant life – gobbling brush turkeys, non-venomous carpet pythons, delightful rose-crowned fruit-doves - even rare little bent-winged bats make an appearance at night as they feed on small insects that fly beneath the canopy of thick forest. A great day trip from Casino or Kyogle, explore the dense subtropical bush, relax at scenic picnic and campgrounds, or even horse ride using the park management tracks provided.