Redgate Beach


Redgate Beach near Margaret River is a popular destination for surfers, locals and visitors. The stunning undulating terrain and exclusive bays offer an interesting backdrop with a safe surfing beach suited to beginners and experts alike. There is a bit of walking along soft sand to get to the more popular bays, so don’t pack too much beach gear! Despite its outstanding beauty, the coastline was associated with some eighty ship wrecks in the late 1800s. It is also home to the shipwrecked SS Georgette which ran aground in 1876. If you can time your visit to the beach on a calm day you will be able to see the wreck lying in five metres of water off the coast. Visit the Grace Bussell Memorial Plaque to learn all about the heroic rescue of most of the ship’s inhabitants that took place. Capture a perfect sunset photograph, watch the surfers demonstrate their skill or enjoy a swim. There are a range of rock pools for the children to explore, though be sure to pick your day to visit as it can get windy and choppy. Redgate Beach is located three hours drive south of Perth.