Red Cliff


Hard to know which species loves Red Cliff more: the humans who camp here, or the kangaroos who call this gorgeous, sprawling place home. Red Cliff is accessed by turning off Brooms Head road onto an unsealed, but good quality, looping track. The campground, (known as “Lake Arragan and Red Cliff Campground”) has (non-flush) toilets, wood barbecues, no power, and a drinking water tap on the north-western side of the access loop. The Red Cliff beaches are best described in three sections: firstly, there’s the straight northern stretch up to Plumbago; then there’s the reefy bays and rockpools that lie beneath the cliffs that give the place its name; these rocky sections open back up to a long sandy curve that stretches south to Brooms Head (and its fancy flushing toilets and electricity). These beaches aren’t patrolled – except by dolphins who are hopeless at CPR – and there’s rips aplenty, so be very mindful and cautious. There’s a great rock pool for swimming in the corner where the headland joins the beach (on the north side of the headland)