Rainforest Walk to Riverside Park


Variety is the spice of this excellent walk from the western side of Ash Island, through its interior, finishing at the picnic area by the river. Stroll through wetlands and rainforest before arriving on the edges of Kooragang City Farm. Here, you’ll see vegetable and bush food gardens, egrets and ibis feeding in the fields and historic silos that are part of the island’s farming past. You’ll also pass the ruins of Milham’s Farmhouse, established here in the 1860s. You’ll soon arrive at Riverside Park, where you can go fishing off the jetty, look out over the mangroves and relax at the picnic area. The birdlife around the river is worth observing through a set of binoculars. Sea eagles soar overhead, pelicans float past, and cormorants can be seen hanging out their wings to dry.