Rainbow Jungle - The Australian Parrot Breeding Centre


Rainbow Jungle – The Australian Parrot Breeding Centre is a beautiful parrot habitat, where you will find the largest parrot free flight aviary in the country, with the biggest flock of purple crowned Lorikeets in the word and other brightly coloured Australian parrots. You can wander through the centre along paved pathways, through landscaped tropical gardens, past waterfalls, fountains, stained glass windows, gargoyles and lily ponds. You will enjoy close encounters with our black, red and yellow local white tailed Cockatoos. Around every corner there are parrots in all colours of the rainbow, such as the Eclectus Parrot and the colourful and mischievous blue and gold South American Macaws. A free barbecue facility and covered picnic area is provided and tea and coffee, cool drinks and ice-cream are available for purchase. There is also a souvenir shop selling a selection of Australian made product, postcards and CD’s. Rainbow Jungle truly is a must see whilst visiting Kalbarri, which is a seven hour drive north of Perth.