Queens Cottage

Pendergast Road Khancoban Australia


Queens Cottage has a special welcome just waiting for you - that unique style of personal comfort you've always longed for when away from home. It's very private and spacious with twin and double rooms for a maximum of 12 people. Queen's Cottage is run by people with a total commitment to your comfort and happiness. Popularly recognised as 'Queens Cottage', it was completed to provide accommodation for her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II when visiting the Snowy Mountains. At least one member of the Royal Family, together with the Governor General, Ministers of the Crown, Premiers, Politicians and numerous people of high office have left their names in their visitors book! Native forest lies at the back door, a fertile valley unfolds from the balcony. Magnificent views and breathtaking scenery provides a perfect setting for that ultimate escape to the Snowy Mountains.