Myanba Gorge lookout


Set in mighty old-growth forest and comprising three lookouts, a picnic area, a boardwalk and walking track, this part of the park is a must for nature-lovers. Start with lunch at the well-equipped picnic area before taking the easy and accessible boardwalk stroll. At the first lookout you’re treated to picture-perfect views of fast-flowing Myanba Creek. Here, it surges over the escarpment across a huge granite slab, so visit after rain, if you can, to see a stronger, more spectacular flow. Follow the creek if you choose to keep on walking – it’s a moderate walk that's well worth the effort. See the numerous torrents burble through the rocks or snake off into rivulets and stunning cascades. Take a quick dip if you like, and look for streaked rock orchids and the gorgeous purple-spotted flowers of the Victorian Christmas Bush. The third lookout rewards your efforts with views of the remarkable geology of Myanba Gorge and Bega’s pretty Towamba Valley. Return to the picnic area the way you came, listening out for distinctive ‘creaky gate’ calls of gang gang cockatoos.