Murray Scrub Lookout


For easily-accessible scenic views of World Heritage-listed landscape in the Northern Rivers, the Murray Scrub lookout is not to be missed. Pack a picnic, camera and binoculars for a visit to the Murray Scrub lookout; a magnificent place to take in amazing views over the Gondwana Rainforest World Heritage areas. You’ll get picture perfect panoramas of Murray Scrub, Glassy Mountain and Dome Mountain, the remains of the 23-million-year-old Focal Peak shield volcano. A visit to the lookout is a feast for all the senses. Fragrant cool clean air rises with the call of the rainforest pigeons echoing up from the rainforest valley below. You’re also likely to enjoy spectacular flashes of red and green as Australian king parrots flitter in the trees around you. In spring, the rainforest itself is a canvas full of colour, and in cooler months, rising mists turn the scenery into a serene dreamscape.