Muirs Lookout


Muirs Lookout at Jilliby State Conservation Area displays amazing scenic views from the Watagan Range overlooking neighbouring townships. No trip to Jilliby State Conservation Area would be complete without taking the time to enjoy awe-inspiring scenic views from Muirs lookout. Gaze miles out along the mountains and eucalypt forests of Watagan Range, with panoramic views to the east over semi-rural communities - Mandalong and Morisset, as well as Lake Macquarie, included. If you enjoy birdwatching, be sure to bring your binoculars. There are many interesting bird species that call Jilliby State Conservation Area home. At night you might be lucky enough to see the threatened sooty, barking, masked or powerful owls. Tall eucalypts framing the view across the coast make Muirs lookout an idyllic spot to spread out and enjoy a peaceful picnic or even just a cup of tea to take in the naturally beautiful surroundings.