Mount Barker Hill Lookout (aboriginal name Pwakkenbak)

Mount Barker Road Mount Barker Australia


A visit to the Mount Barker Lookout, a short 3 kilometre drive from the Mount Barker Visitor Centre, is a great way for tourists and visitors to geographically orientate themselves. Mount Barker (aboriginal name Pwakkenbak) rises to about 147 meters above sea level and is strikingly adorned with the Mount Barker broadcast tower, one of the tallest unsupported structures in the Southern Hemisphere. Step onto the Rotary Club of Mount Barker Lookout and you can take in views forever. To the north is the Mount Barker wind farm. Turn to the northeast and the green shadowy long undulating ridges of the Stirling Range disappears into the horizon. With your back to the tower gazing directly east you can take in the western ridge of the Porongurups. The southern view rolls across expansive lowlands interspersed with various low mountains, with clear days affording glimpses of our amazing south coast. It is a great spot to sit down with a hot drink or picnic lunch and absorb the sheer beauty of the view. Don’t forget to bring along a set of binoculars and a camera to get the most out of your visit.