Merredin Railway Dam


The Merredin Railway Dam offers a lovely walk and some spectacular views along with the chance to take a look at this impressive engineering feat accomplished in the late 1800s. Water was successfully harvested from the rocky pinnacle of Merredin Peak to fuel the steam trains that travelled from Kalgoorlie to Perth. It is still used today to water parks and gardens throughout Merredin. Take the 30 minute walk along the Merredin Peak Trail to see the channel that was created with granite rock from the peak. Read the informative plaques beside the dam to learn about this amazing project that was considered by many to be ahead of its time. Continue the walk to the top of the peak for spectacular views of the town of Merredin and the surrounding area. Visit the Merredin Visitor Centre to collect a map of the trail which clearly marks the dam. The Merredin Railway Dam is one of many recommended stops along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. The Golden Pipeline driving trail takes visitors from Mundaring just outside of Perth to Kalgoorlie. Merredin is the largest regional town in the Central Eastern Wheatbelt and is a three hour drive east of Perth.