Mackerel Islands

Mackerel Islands - Thevenard Island & Direction Island Thevenard Island Australia


Escape. Dive. Fish. Start civilised... then go wild! Reconnect with your true nature at the stunning Mackerel Islands, located a two hour flight and boat transfer from Perth, Western Australia. Ten pristine islands and atolls scattered 22 kilometres off the coast of Onslow, two of these welcome guests. For the ultimate wilderness experience, rent your own island with a sole beach shack on Direction Island. Or go wild in style on Thevenard Island in a choice of beachfront cabins and club village accommodation. Watch sea turtles haul themselves up the beach to lay eggs, glimpse dolphins and whales playing in the blue-green waters, admire the kaleidoscope of colourful fish, crabs and stingrays among the coral reefs while you snorkel, or wrestle in the catch of your life from the Pilbara's fishiest waters. Then as the sun goes down and the night sky lights up with a dusting of silver, you can simply stargaze in awe and breathe in the quietness. This is the amazing, off the beaten track experience you have been looking for.