Lake Grace Lookout

Lake Grace - Dumbleyung Road Lake Grace Australia


Lake Grace Lookout provides a spectacular panoramic view of the vast lake system of Lake Grace. Climb to the top of the lookout to take advantage of the views across this fascinating salt lake which stretches 50 kilometres in length and is seven kilometres wide. Travel down to nearby Apex Park to relax and enjoy a picnic before visiting the shores of the lake. At various times during the year the water dries up and presents the opportunity to walk across the lake bed. When the lake is full of water, it offers a spectacular display of colour as a result of the reflection from the sky. Capture the lake on camera from the look out with its hues of pink, mauve and green. The Lake Grace Lookout is a five minute drive west of Lake Grace which is a four and a half hour drive southeast of Perth. Lake Grace is home to the last remaining Australian Inland Mission Hospital. The town and surrounding area also offers spectacular wildflowers during spring.