Kindra State Forest Walking and Bike Trails


The Kindra State Forest in Coolamon is made up of 52 hectares of remnant bushland. The forest contains a range of leisurely bike and walking trails that will lead you on a journey of discovery, taking in the flora and fauna of the forest, seating, viewing areas and picnic spots with interpretive signage to help you discover the area. Over 100 bird species have been sighted in Coolamon Shire, many of which can be found or viewed from the forest. A colony of large and often noisy White Winged Choughs reside in this locality - their large mud nests can sometimes be seen. Red-capped Robins fly in close to investigate visitors. White-winged Trillers and Rufous Whistlers can often be heard and Red Wattle Birds as well as a variety of other Honeyeaters can be spotted. At the top of the rise there is an excellent view of the Travelling Stock Reserve dam constructed as a back-up water supply for the township of Coolamon. The dam provides a habitat for a wide variety of birdlife including the endangered Superb Parrot, swans, pelicans and ducks. The main entrance to the forest is located on Lewis Street.