Jungle Adventures Night Walks


When the sun sets over the trees, the animals stir and the jungle comes to life.. The rainforest heaves with the breath of dragons, the croaks and clicks of insects, the scurrying of bandicoots and the slow, deliberate slighter of snakes. You’re just in time for happy hour. Their guided night walks allow you to indulge your inner Attenborough and tune into all your senses – free from the shackles of technology – to discover what lies beneath the blanket of darkness. This is the real land before time. A land 120 million years away from the touch of man and urban sprawl, with no interpretive signage – just you, a torch, and your very own human Wikipedia to introduce you to the furry, feathery and scaly locals. Have your own Night at the Museum in nature’s oldest living archive. The two-hour game of hide and seek starts every night at 7.30pm.