Jet X-Treme

13 Mandurah Terrace Mandurah Australia


Looking for Extreme Fun or that Perfect Gift? Book now to be one of the first to fly the awesome, outrageously fun Jetblade with Jet X-treme or blast off with a Jetpack experience. Both are awesome fun and will get your adrenalin pumping. A jetboard or Jetpack experience is awesome, safe and is delivered to meet each individual's comfort and competency level, meaning it is as extreme as you want it to be! Hundreds of litres of water are blasted through specially designed thrust nozzles allowing you to fly above the surface of the water and dive like a dolphin! Suitable for anyone aged 14 and over, Jet X-treme sessions are action packed and include briefing, instructor and heaps of extreme fun! Jet X-treme - fun for all! Or grab a Gift Voucher, the perfect gift for all occasions. Grab one today for your dose of extreme fun or that perfect gift and launch into one of the most adrenaline filled water based experiences! Get summer; Get Fun; Get Wet; Get Jet X-treme!