Jervis Bay Whales

50 Owen Street Huskisson Australia


Humpback whales are seen from late May to late November. Ask about Jervis Bay Whales' sighting guarantee and about seeing the mother humpbacks and their newborn calves in Jervis Bay sheltered waters! During whale watch season it's also possible to see false killer, minke, pilot and southern right whales, fur seals, little penguin, hundreds of common dolphins, their resident bottlenose dolphins, and a variety of albatross and other migratory sea birds. Don't forget the Jervis Bay season is longer than most others - see more whales! It is from May to the end of November, with open ocean whale watching mid-May, June, July, August, September and early October. But the most special time is the sheltered water whale watching - mid October to late November. See humpbacks and their babies in the shallow, sheltered waters inside Jervis Bay.