Jervis Bay Kite Connections

Collingwood Beach Vincentia Australia


Marco and the team at Jervis Bay (JB) Kite Connections have created a great set up for learning kiteboarding in a truly beautiful part of the world. Jervis Bay is still the best kept secret in NSW for steady winds, warm water, and uncrowded beaches - all of which make it a great location for learning to kite. Add to this the care, great communication skills, and enthusiasm that the instructors at JB Kite Connections have and you've got one of the safest, most fun and friendly ways to learn to kite. Their kiteboarding location, Jervis Bay, has a number of spots available for them to teach around the bay, depending on the prevailing wind and weather conditions. However the most common summer location is Collingwood Beach, a safe beach, small swell, and lots of space to learn!