Great Ocean Ecolodge

635 Lighthouse Road Cape Otway Australia


The Great Ocean Ecolodge is a social enterprise, established and operated by the Conservation Ecology Centre. All profits raised through ecotourism are invested into wildlife conservation. Just by being there you are playing an important part in conserving Australia's precious wildlife. Based alongside the Great Otway National Park, the Centre combines research with knowledge and education to offer real solutions across landscapes and communities. The conservation Ecology Centre is a non-profit organisation, founded to create a secure and natural future for Australia's precious wildlife. The Great Ocean Ecolodge is an essential part of the Centre's conservation efforts, providing an opportunity to re-engage people with nature. The Ecolodge is a place where you can be a part of the natural world, observe it, enjoy it, share it and work alongside us to conserve it. The Great Ocean Ecolodge provides an immersive nature experience: guests live sustainably and are invited to observe wildlife accompanied by dedicated ecologists. You can learn about current conservation projects on the Guided Dusk Walk. Only through recognising our connection and interdependence with nature can we truly understand the value of our natural environment, and so seek to conserve and protect it.