Edgewater Terraces at Metung


Edgewater Terraces at Metung is amongst the ambiance of a small fishing village, surrounded by sailing boats and fishing boats bobbing gently at their moorings. Surrounded by tall gums, the terraces rise out of a garden setting on the hillside and look down on to Chinaman's Creek as it enters Bancroft Bay. Some of the terraces are three storeys high, giving you a sense of living in the treetops because of the rich variety of birdlife. Regular visitors to Edgewater Terraces say it is a charming place to stay all year round. In winter you can just sit by the log fire and read a book, wander in to Metung Village along the boardwalk or dine at the nearby restaurants or the waterfront hotel. You do not have to do anything or go anywhere, just enjoy the tranquillity. All Terrace Houses are totally self-contained with all the luxury, care and appointments you are accustomed to.