Currie Australia


Currie is the commercial centre of King Island, north-east of mainland Tasmania. With a total population of around 800, the island makes for the perfect 'get away from it all' experience. You're sure to feel the island's remoteness as you gaze out at the Southern Ocean - next stop is Africa. Industries on the island include fishing, farming and harvesting bull kelp for food and cosmetics. Keep an eye out for the kelp famers working off the reefs and beaches. King Island's 200 km of coastline includes rugged cliffs softened occasionally by white, sandy beaches. More than 60 ships have been wrecked off these shores and a shipwreck trail guides you around the island describing the various calamities. Of course, scuba diving on the wrecks themselves is by far the best way to see them. Chartered dives are available. The Currie lighthouse, built in 1870, also stands as a reminder of the many ships lost in these dangerous waters. For nature lovers, Seal Rocks State Reserve has stunning cliffs and a 7000-year-old calcified forest created when the sand covering a forest finally receded, leaving fascinating limestone features. There's also Lavinia Nature Reserve with its wetland bird habitats and a popular surf beach. You'll find all kinds of wildlife on the island too - wallabies, echidnas, seals, penguins and wild turkeys. Accommodation is available in holiday rentals, B&Bs, guesthouses and campsites. Currie is 80 km north-east of mainland Tasmania and is accessible by plane and cargo vessel.