Condingup Australia


Condingup is your gateway to the bird haven of Cape Arid National Park, where keen spotters have recorded more than 160 species, including the rare western ground parrot. You're also just a short drive away from your very own secluded south coast bay and Australia's whitest beach - the idyllic Lucky Bay of Cape Le Grand National Park. Sitting just 45 minutes east of Esperance, you can choose to take a nine hour road trip from Perth or hop on a one and a half hour flight to Esperance from the capital and hire your wheels when you get here. While many attractions are easily accessible, a four wheel drive is a must if you want to venture off the beaten track. On the coast between Cape Arid and Duke of Orleans Bay, you're likely to find a pristine white-sand bay to fish, swim, surf and enjoy all to yourself. Or you can head for the region's most famous beauty spot, Lucky Bay. Join the resident kangaroos who frequently lounge on the beach and take in magnificent vistas of the Recherche Archipelago. Heading east into Cape Arid National Park, switch to four wheel drive or hit the walking trails with your binoculars and explore the diverse natural habitats that support more than 160 bird species. From the striking beauty of Yokinup Bay and Little Tagon Bay, to heathland, banksia woodland and semi-arid eucalypt woodland, you can spot a huge array of water birds, 16 species of honeyeater and endangered birds including Carnaby's black-cockatoos and Cape Barren geese. After good winter rains, head up to Condingup Lookout and admire the spectacular splashes of colour that wildflower season brings to the surrounding landscape. For a taste of Condingup country life, call in at the winery, craft shop or the local tavern.