Christmas Island

1 Gaze Road Christmas Island Australia


Rising majestically from the tropical depths of the vast Indian Ocean, and surrounded by azure waters lies a stunning Natural Wonder: “Christmas Island” Its name alone is intriguing and stirs interest. You can reach Christmas Island from Perth, in Western Australia, or via Jakarta, in Indonesia. Yet this tiny speck of land in the Indian Ocean is a truly fascinating paradise, inviting you to uncover its remarkable surprises of nature in a one-of-a-kind environment. Experience a rich biodiversity and a welcoming culture as you take time to escape the everyday, relax and immerse yourself in a breathtaking natural world. Warm, crystal clear waters invite you to swim or snorkel at idyllic beaches among tropical fish, or scuba dive and discover a colour explosion in the coral reef, and be mesmerised by the gentle close-up beauty of the huge whaleshark. Grow you sense of wonder as you are captivated by the spectacle of the annual red crab migration – a glorious, visual feast of colour sweeping across the landscape from forest to ocean in a rare, unstoppable natural ritual. Meander through the dappled light of a lofty rainforest teeming with abundant life in its lush ecosystem, from tall, shady canopies above to delicate native orchids and ferns across the forest floor, and on to freshwater cascades. Overhead, wonderful birds soar and drift – birds you’ll not see anywhere else in the world. Whether they’re wheeling across tropical skies or in their craggy homes, you can tick off sightings, marvel at their elegance and rarity and treat your ear to new calls. Every step you take on Christmas Island is a sensory journey. From the inspiring natural world to the discovery of new sounds, sights, tastes and experiences that blend in a unique harmony. It’s a place like no other. So set your sights on Australia's jewel of the Indian Ocean. Along with your camera, pack your capacity for endless amazement, your willingness to be inspired and your infinite sense of wonder. Welcome to Christmas Island.