Chatsworth Island

Chatsworth Island Australia


Feeling like taking in a peaceful drive? How about the village of Chatsworth Island? "Chatty" as its known to locals, is a far cry from the bustling village it once was boasting hotels, retail stores, multiple churches, and even a post office. These days you can still get a great feed from the General store, but the real treat to visit this little riverside village is the tranquillity. If you've got little ones, they will love a picnic under the large trees. Over the years gnomes and fairies have gathered in the nooks and crannies of the tree trunks. Make sure you bring some bread with you to feed the resident ducks and geese. Chatsworth Island lies on the bank of the north Arm of the Clarence River just south of the Mororo Bridges. Some of the original buildings and homes of that period still remain. A detour via the village provides a short scenic and peaceful drive.