Bulli is a residential seaside area near the northern end of suburban Wollongong. It extends to Bulli Tops, situated within the Illawarra Escarpment. Bulli is a proud working town with many buildings and monuments that bear witness to the hardships and heroism of Australia's early mining history. In its pubs, churches, houses and public buildings, Bulli recaptures much of the flavour of a mining village of the 19th century. The quickest way to reach Bulli is to take the freeway to Bulli Pass and drive down the escarpment, but a more scenic and enjoyable drive is along the Grand Pacific Drive, which begins in Sutherland at the Royal National Park and ends in Nowra. Arguably the best part of this drive is the 665 metre Sea Cliff Bridge, a masterpiece of engineering. Stop and walk along the bridge and revel in the coastal scenery.