Bay City Scuba

20 Boundary Road East Geelong Australia


Bay City Scuba, located on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula, is home to some of Australia's most stunning snorkelling, Scuba and Technical Diving. Port Phillip Heads and the surrounding waters of Bass Strait are home to the country’s most beautiful soft coral reefs and steep wall dives, exceptional fish life and amazing recreational and technical wreck diving. The natural diversity of this unique ecosystem gives you the ideal location for diver training as you will get to experience an ever-changing marine environment. The beautiful, calm waters of Port Phillip Bay is a haven for this abundant marine life. With a multitude of easily accessible pier, shore and boat snorkelling and diving locations available, it’s easy to see why this area is so highly regarded and is one of Australia’s best kept secrets. Meet the crew at Bay City Scuba, We'd love to take you diving and showcase why diving in Victoria is one of Australia's best diving locations.