Balladonia Australia


Balladonia is a welcome break when you're tackling one of Australia's most iconic long-distance drives, the Eyre Highway, across the largest limestone karst landscape on Earth, the Nullarbor Plain. Stretch your legs in the world's largest and healthiest temperate woodland. Play a hole on the world's longest golf course. Or gaze in awe at the remains of Skylab, which crashed-landed here in July 1979. Whether you're starting out on your Nullarbor road trip heading east, or hitting the last stretch of the Eyre Highway heading west, Balladonia is perfectly located for a rest-stop, just two and a half hours' drive east of Norseman and four and a half hours' drive from Kalgoorlie. Setting foot on the world's largest limestone karst, which covers an area of 270,000 square kilometres from Norseman to Ceduna, some extraordinary landscapes stretch out before you. Look out across vast clay pans. Go wildflower and wildlife spotting on the rocky outcrops of Newman's Rocks, 50 kilometres west of Balladonia. Or venture into the Great Western Woodlands and explore a small part of this 160,000 square kilometre temperate woodland that has great significance to the world's ecology, on a par with Africa's Serengeti and South America's Amazon. The twelfth hole of the Nullarbor Links is located here in Balladonia, giving you the ideal opportunity to test your swing on the world's longest course, which stretches 1,365 kilometres from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie. This particular hole takes its name from the first American space station, Skylab, which slammed to earth here in July 1979. Memorabilia from Australia's only spaceship crash site is now proudly exhibited in the Balladonia Hotel's dedicated museum. Dine-in or grab a takeaway meal, stock up on basic supplies for the road ahead, stay a night or two at the hotel/motel or caravan park, or camp under a Nullarbor night sky at Newman's Rocks.