1 Days, 2 Vineyards !

Drive along the east Tamar high way after a yummy breakfast in Launceston, you will soon find your destination---- Lee's Ochard,  in here you can pick your own cherry, make sure only pick the big one, and let the small one grow. spend about one and half hour here, then we can head to the next stop----- Hillwood berry farm, if it's in December and January, we can pick lot's of berries here, such as strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, have heaps of fun, we can also buy some nice berry jam here. It's easy to spend the whole afternoon here, while the kids picking the berries, the adult can choose to play a chess game in the playground as well. After all the picking, it will be a good time to go back to Launceston to have a nice dinner at black cow and enjoy their waygue steak.