1 Days, 2 Vineyards !

Drive from Launceson to Bridestowe Lavender Farm only take 45 minutes(Please take the road that go past Lilydale, it's faster and not so winding), we can enjoy the magnificent view of the whole side of the hill of Lavender ( make sure only go there on summer Lavender season December to March) , enjoying the lavender scenery and at the mean time eating the lavender ice cream on a pancake, it just perfect. After this we can go to little town call Bridport to have some lunch, it is a wonderful seaside town, after lunch we can go to the famous golf course call Barnbougle Lost Farm, play golf for the afternoon, and go to George Town have a nice dinner. We can join the Penguin Tour at Low head after dinner, please make sure you book for your tour. This is the great ending of the day, so we can head back to Launceston to have a good sleep.:)