Shopping in Australia and Tax return tips


1.    There are large department stores, shopping streets, shopping centers and gift shops all over Australia. Business hours are vary, generally open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday usually open from 10 am to 5 pm. Shops are generally closed on Sunday, and if some are open it’s usually from 10am to 4pm. Some places open longer hours every Thursday or Friday, it calls late night shopping. Many Australian stores are closed on public holidays.

2.  Shopping carefully, after shopping ask for an invoice (Tax invoice) as a tax rebate voucher. Consumption in Australia is subject to a 10% GST.

3.    Australian store no bargaining habits, please do not ask for discounts

4.  Departing tourists may apply for refund of the GST paid upon the purchase of goods in Australia. The refund product must be purchased within 60 days of leaving Australia. These goods will be included in the same tax receipt. Or you can buy from different stores, but the total amount of tax receipts for each store should not be less than AUD 300 (including GST).

5.    Please note that the tax refund of goods must be GST goods, excluding GST goods is not tax refundable.

6.  Most stores in Australia can use credit cards or cash. When using traveler's checks, it is necessary to present the original passport.

7.  The Sign for "DUTYFREE SHOP” can be exempt from customs duties and consumption tax. However, if the sign only said "TAXFREE", it is only free of charge consumption tax. So please read the store sign carefully.

8.  Shopping in duty-free shops need to produce passports and international flights

9.  Tourist GST Refund Counter is located at the International Airport or Departure Terminal. After passing the customs inspection, you can see the tax return counter. Visitors applying for a refund must show their passport, international boarding pass, retailer's tax receipts, and purchased merchandise. For other conditions, please refer to the TRS Tax Planning Manual.

10.Another point is very important, if an expensive thing claim tax refund and leave Australia, when this thing comes back to Australia again, it must declare.

11.Go to TRS APP apply prior and go to the counter to show the two-dimensional code of in mobile phones, can speed up the tax refund procedure.